GPS Compass

GNSS Compass

Navtech Systems has a lengthy history of involvement with long range microwave data links that require a narrow beamwidth, high gain antenna to be accurately pointed towards a defined geographic location in a dynamic environment.

To facilitate this Navtech produced a low cost, two-antenna GPS compass (heading reference)  that provides sub-1 degree accuracy with respect to true north. 

This device is an order of magnitude more accurate than a conventional magnetic compass and does not have magnetic variation or deviation errors. Different models are available, with integrated antennae or with the facility for connecting remote antennae. The derived GPS position is differentially corrected for sub meter accuracy.

In addition to accurate heading information, the ‘compass’ integrates additional sensors that provide accurate pitch and roll values for use in 3-axis control applications.

The user interface is comprehensive and flexible with standard interface protocols for simplicity of integration.

As satellite positioning technology has developed and evolved, the ‘engines’ in our compasses have been updated to provide for compatibility with all GNSS systems in operation globally.